lincolnville studio

barn frame with separate offices and shared open design space upstairs, library and woodworking/sculpture studio downstairs. office ceiling joists support attic loft open to the upstairs. north-facing shed dormer floods upstairs with indirect light while south-facing roof surface is reserved for solar panels to power and heat net-zero barn and adjacent house. 


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lincolnville, maine

modified cruck frame featuring 18 foot crooked ash collar ties supported by crooked ash struts. white pine timbers sourced from property, salvaged from severe blowdown event the previous fall adjacent to megunticook lake. white ash knee braces match bent wood upstairs. 24 foot steel I-beam allows for large clear-span studio space downstairs, while in combination with beam trolley and chain hoist also providing easy heavy cargo loading and unloading. salvaged cast iron structural brackets, washers, and steel bolts tie the new steelwork to the timber frame.